Facial Cleansing Oil 100ml

Deep Cleans Without Stripping. Essential Daily Face Care.

A deeply nourishing facial cleanser that gently and effectively helps removes dirt, grime and make up thoroughly, without stripping your skin of essential oils.

Cleanses pore deep and helps soften blackheads for easier removal, without drying out skin leaving skin soft and supple, ripe and ready for skin toning and effective moisturising.

Anti-bacterial, antioxidant and vitamin rich.  Helps balance sebum levels for oil prone skin and soften fine lines for dry and dehydrated skin.  Specially formulated with Soybean, vitamin rich Rosehip, Argan and Tamanu Oils, nurturing and anti-inflammatory Jasmine and Patchouli.

Once you experience our Facial Cleansing Oil you'll never go back to foaming cleansers.

Promotes healthy, blemish free skin.

Suitable all skin types including oily and acne prone, combination and dry.  You can also use our Facial Cleansing Oil as a moisturiser for skin that's deeply dehydrated or suffering exposure from wind, sun and air-conditioning.  Used by naturopaths.

Packaged in a recyclable bottle.

DIRECTIONS: A little goes a long way depending on your skin's condition.  Ideally, pump two-three drops and warm between hands before massaging onto dry skin. Splash or spray some water onto face to emulsify and a light creamy effect may be noticed.  Got time? Steam for a few minutes to help open up pores.  Or if pushed for time, jump in the shower and rinse off.  Otherwise use a clean warm washer to remove oil.  Finish with our Facial Balancing Toner and Daily Face Moisturiser and you're done. 

TIP: Be careful around eye areas as synthetic eye make up can sting eyes if diluted - so remove eye make up first.

A little goes a long way.  RRP includes GST.

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