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Our Philosophy

Planet Eve Organics is for discerning skin care consumers all over the world seeking pure beauty, naturally.

We believe beauty is from within and this starts with what you eat and drink, how you think and feel about yourself and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercise regime.

When taking care of your appearance, it’s equally important that what you put on your skin should be good for you.

We believe that the less chemicals we use the better and purposefully developed a range that is completely dedicated to certified organic skin care solutions.

Planet Eve Organics is a signatory of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Our Ingredients

Potent Scientifically Proven Botanical Extracts

Planet Eve products are uniquely formulated – we do not buy off the shelf packed products and relabel them. In partnership with naturopaths and an organic chemist, our focus has been on less is more – normalize the skin using as few products as possible that not only deliver real results but also don’t harm your skin, health or overall well-being.

Our formulations feature scientifically proven certified organic ingredients rich in antioxidants, essential vitamins, minerals such as rosehip, rose, macadamia, jojoba, shea butter, lingonberry and acai berry.

All our ingredients are one hundred percent completely natural with no mineral oils, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, silicones, sulphates, synthetic dyes or fragrances, artificial preservatives or GMO ingredients.

For more information about our ingredients, please click here.

Our Certification

All our Products are fully certified by Australian Certified Organic

  • All Planet Eve Organics’ products are certified by Australian Certified Organic
  • We undergo annual audits by an independent third party auditor including surprise audits
  • We don't use chemical solvents in the extraction process, or use water to bulk up and achieve the minimum 95% certified organic requirement
  • Our products have:
    • no synthetic chemicals - including petrochemicals such as parabens
    • no artificial dyes
    • no artificial perfumes
    • no artificial preservatives
    • no chemical pesticides or fertilisers
    • no GMO or animal ingredients.

Australian Certified Organic (ACO) is Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic Produce, responsible for certifying more than 50% of the Australian organic industry.

    We are proudly Australian Made and Australian Owned

    Our Accreditations

    Planet Eve Organics is people, vegan, animal and earth friendly.
        • We don't test on animals or use animal ingredients.
        • We're accredited by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) requiring full scrutiny of our ingredients and suppliers.


            Environmental Consciousness

            Planet Eve Organics is committed to being earth friendly.

            • We do not use micro-beads in any of our products
            • Online purchases are sent to you in recyclable boxes with biodegradable filler protection and biodegradable bubble wrap using the world’s first degradable air bubble cushioning to protect your purchases. We reuse supplier packaging where possible.
            • Our product packaging is supplied in BPA free, recyclable PE tubes, bottles or glass. The protective outer boxes are recyclable, FSC certified, elemental chlorine free paper from managed forests.
            • Our office uses recycled paper, we reuse our paper and recycle our ink cartridges. We also use recyclable printed promotional material vegetable based inks.
            • Our office relies on natural light and no air-conditioning during the day. Our computer equipment switches automatically to power save mode when not in use.

            We're searching for safe, effective biodegradable and post consumer recycled packaging that is compatible with natural products; what we have currently researched is not suitable for maintaining the integrity of natural and organic formulations.

            Who We Are

            It’s not about us, we actually think it’s about you.

            We prefer to let our products and customer testimonials speak for themselves rather than being the brand or selling a brand story. You can read more about what our customers think by clicking here if you like and the following tells you who we are.

            We’re not a big multinational but a small business driven by the desire to create beautiful products with organic authenticity and integrity, that give you the ability to make informed choices.

            Founder Lorelle Yee was an everyday consumer of skin care with skin that reacted to chemicals in products found in department stores, chemists and supermarkets. Without understanding why her skin was reacting adversely – after all, these products were readily available on store shelves – it wasn’t until she started her own research that she uncovered what we now know – that many products contain ingredients that can irritate our skin or worse, can affect our immune and reproduction system.

            This began the journey into further extensive research to develop a range that genuinely met the strict criteria required to offer consumers an authentic organic skin care product.

            Founded in 2009, Planet Eve Organics is based in Australia and is 100% Australian made and owned.

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