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What’s greenwashing
“Natural” and “Organic” are a term used widely in the cosmetic and toiletry industry, and without regulation, used by some companies to make their product appear ‘green’ when in fact they have many chemical ingredients.
If you’re searching for an authentic organic skin care product, at the very least ensure that it’s certified. That way you know the product has been verified by a certifying authority. And then there are differences between some of the certifying bodies – just to make it even more confusing for consumers.
TIP: Take care out there. Look for products that are certified organic by a certifying authority you trust.
What’s the difference between natural and organic skin care
Ingredients can be ‘natural’ but still produced with chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Organic means that it hasn’t.
Organic is more than a marketing term – it’s a dedicated, conscious way of life that enhances people’s lives and the environment – and it’s regulated. Organic ingredients are grown and processed without artificial fertilisers or pesticides, synthetic chemicals or GMOs.
GOOD NEWS: All Planet Eve Organics’ products are Australian Certified Organic.
Why does certification make a difference
Certification of the product, not just some ingredients, is really the only way to ensure the product is organic and that the ingredients and processing have been verified as compliant with the particular standard. Highlighting some certified organic ingredients doesn’t mean the product itself is certified organic, and may in fact contain other synthetic chemical ingredients.
To attain certified organic status, a product must comply with the strict standards imposed by the certifying body which includes the ingredients and the way they are processed; certification also requires a minimum threshold of certified ingredients.
TIP: Some certifying standards are stricter than others. It’s a jungle out there…


Is Planet Eve's range certified organic?
All Planet Eve Organics products are Australian Certified Organic (ACO).
About our products:- no synthetic chemicals including petrochemicals such as parabens, phthalates, silicons- no synthetic chemical pesticides or fertilisers- no artificial dyes or perfumes/fragrances- no artificial preservatives

All our products achieve the ACO’s highest standard with a minimum of 95% certified organic ingredients and any balance is100% naturally derived.

We also don’t use chemical solvents in the extraction process, can trace all our ingredients to their origin and are audited by an independent third party.

The ACO is Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce, responsible for certifying more than 50% of the Australian organic industry.
Is it safe to use your products if I’m pregnant
All our ingredients are listed for each product. If not sure, you should always consult with your doctor

Do you test on animals?
No, all our products and individual ingredients are approved by Choose Cruelty and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

TIP: Be aware of ‘fake’ rabbits as some manufacturers try to convince consumers that they are animal friendly.

Can vegans use you’re your products?
Yes, none of our products contain animal ingredients and we also don’t approve of testing on animals.

Do you use a preservative?
We use a naturally derived, patented preservative that has been approved by the certifying authority. We do not use parabens or other synthetic chemical preservatives.

Why is there an expiry date?
All skin care products, whether formulated with synthetic chemicals or natural and organic ingredients, are subject to maturation and contamination. We recommend that you use our products within six months after opening and store your products below 30 degrees Celsius, away from direct heat and sunlight.

I have sensitive skin, are your products suitable to use?
Yes, our products are effective but extremely gentle on skin. There are no artificial perfumes, dyes or preservatives that can irritate skin or cause further serious health problems.

Our customers include those with rosacea, eczema, dermatitis, acne and blemish prone to those whose skin suffers from dryness and dehydration. They trust our products so much that they also use them on babies and young children.Customers who have known allergies should test as they would with any product and review product ingredients for any specific ingredients that have been proven to cause them concern. Check with your doctor if you are unsure.


Do you offer gift vouchers?
Yes, please click here.
How much is delivery?
For Australian customers it’s a flat $10 delivery charge for orders up to $100AUD. We send by registered mail for yours and our peace of mind. For orders over $100AUD, enjoy free delivery. For customers outside of Australia, we charge a flat fee of $25AUD.
How can I pay for my purchases?
We use Paypal which means we never have to see your personal credit card details directly or private bank account.
_How secure is your website?
Our shop is Level 1 PCI DSS certified (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and complies with all six categories of PCI Standards. We also incorporate an SSL Certificate which uses industry standard 256-bit encryption technology.
How do I update my details?
Just drop us an email through the Contact Us page – it’s quick, easy and convenient.
What is your refund policy?
Naturally we’d like to understand more the reason for your request and will need details including your full name, contact details during business hours, date and proof of purchase. We may need you to return the unused product and requests will need to be made within ten working days from purchase.
We’ll do our best to respond as quickly as we can and will review your request promptly.
Please click here for full details.
Is your packaging recyclable?
Our product packaging is supplied in PE tubes and bottles or glass. The protective outer cartons are made from FSC certified paper stock from sustainable forests.
Online purchases are sent in recyclable containers and boxes, biodegradable filler protection and biodegradable bubble wrap using the world’s first degradable bubble wrap to protect your purchases.
Our office uses recycled paper and reuses paper. We recycle our ink cartridges and any printed promotional material is done using recycled or recyclable paper and where possible vegetable based inks. We have researched biodegradable and post consumer recycled packaging that is effective with natural products like ours but are not 100% satisfied that what is currently available meets our criteria or is suitable for maintaining the integrity of organic formulations.
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