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Love it - keep adding to your amazing range, they're all beautiful.
Frankie T, Australia

The products are amazing! And being a vegetarian, the fact that all products are 100% natural and animal friendly I think I may have just found the right product for me. Really appreciate the effort you put in designing these products! Awesome job!
Amy H, Australia

My skin is feeling great thanks to your products. I start using them on clients next week and I know they're going to love them, how could they not? They're purely gorgeous!
Hayley, Australia

I love your whole line. So simple and beautiful.
Nadine B, Australia

How often do you find products that tick every box? Planet Eve Organics is a skincare range that does just that. 100% plant based.
100% organic.
100% Australian. The all natural range is not tested on animals, the packaging is recyclable or biodegradable where possible, it feels luxurious and it is effective. You couldn’t ask for much else and you’re helping a small business grow. I have never been happier with a skincare range and as someone who grow up with rampant acne that’s a pretty bold statement. It can be bought from few health food shops around Sydney but far easier to purchase online. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to use natural skincare or australian made products.
Emily, Vogue Vegan Australia

Dear Planet Eve Organics, we love your succinct yet sophisticated range of goodies that use a veritable garden of ingredients (with Acai, Rose and Lingonberry taking centre stage). When we are feeling a little fruity nothing beats your Tropical Fruit Enzyme Facial Exfoliator. We love that you are Aussie made and owned and certified organic. You make us dewy and bright! Hugs, Planet Peppermint.
Peppermint Magazine

I’m totally hooked on Planet Eve Certified Organics. A skin care range using all natural, certified organic ingredients, the products are ingenioiusly packaged to be super user-friendly, smell unbelievable and are gentle on the skin. Winner!
Editor, Just Be Magazine

Facial Cleansing Oil

Your Facial Cleansing Oil, Tropical fruit Enzyme facial exfoliator and the Daily Face moisturiser, AMAZING my skin feels so wonderful, I have a dry dehydrated skin and even now 5 hours after I have used it it feels amazing.
Sally NSW Australia

The Best I’ve Tried So Far - I was also surprised that it's an oil cleanser and thought it would not be good for my combination skin. But I was mistaken and I'm so glad I gave it a try. Skin never felt better, honestly. At first I used it incorrectly trying to wash off oil with water, but then I tried to wipe it gently with damp warm facial cloth - feels great, both skin looks good and hydrated and you look radiant and happy. 
I think I'm extremely sensitive to artificial fragrances. If I smell some fragrance in a product it makes me a bit nauseous. So opting for a natural product with no artificial fragrances made a huge difference for me. 
Some may say this product is pricey, however it is very economical - a little bit is enough to clean face and neck. Also it depends on what brands you compare it to. Some overpriced luxury brands spend a lot more money on marketing and packaging design than on the actual ingredients inside the bottle. This is something to think about. I can afford luxury brands but I choose not to buy them as I was not getting from them what I paid for anyway - effective, gentle, safe cleanser, not overhyped brand.
5/5 Anastasia159 Australia

Amazing I recieved a sample of this product and fell in love with it. It feels like such a treat to use. I brought the bottle and although it is a bit more then I would normally pay for a cleanser, it is worth it. Makes make up removal quick and easy, and leaves skin feeling clean and soft.
5/5 laureah Australia

Not what I expected!The thought of cleansing my face with oil initially scared me - I was convinced it would just mean pimples and blemishes. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cleansing oil made my skin feel really clean and refreshed - and smelling great too.
4/5 Carli

I love the oil cleanser, it is amazing!
Justine, Sydney Australia

I also love the oil cleanser, never used one before and am loving the vanishing act my make up does, without much rubbing at all.
Laura H, Australia

I have been so impressed with this oil cleanser and I definitely will use it again in the future.
5/5 beautystar Australia

I have used this oil for over month and can confidently say my skin is GLOWING. This facial cleansing oil leaves my skin feeling soft and flawless. After removing the dirt and nasties i use this oil as a leave-on moisturiser and to hydrate my skin. The oil also forms a protective layer between me and the day ahead. I have sensitive skin prone to blemishes and have noticed a significant improvement in the condition of my skin and now have visibly less break-outs. The oil smells beautiful and feels hydrating. Planet Eve Facial cleansing oil contains soybean, vitamin rich and hydrating Rosehip, nourishing Argan and enriching Tamanu Oils, nurturing and anti-inflammatory Jasmine and Patchouli. Australian Made and Owned, Planet Eve is Australian Certified Organic and displays the Cruelty Free Bunny we all love and admire. I highly recommend you try, buy and love Planet Eve Facial Cleansing Oil is VEGAN, NATURAL,ORGANIC, ETHICAL TRADE and most of all NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.… this cosmetic is an "ETHICAL GEM!"!

I just love a good cleansing oil for my night cleanse. I love Shu Uemera’s cleansing oils and recently I stumbled across a lovely Aussie cleansing oil with anti-bacterial Tamanu Oil. It’s a certified organic cleansing oil by Planet Eve Organics. The heavenly formulation of Soybean Oil, Jojoba and Jasmine gives a really thorough but gentle cleanse, lifts all my make-up up and away and makes a quick exit with grease factor of zero. Planet Eve products are Australian Certified Organic, packaged in recycled materials and are accredited by Choose Cruelty Free.

A real mover and shaker I have become increasingly interested in organic products so I decided to give this one from Planet Eve a go. I loved the way the oil felt on my skin. It was really smooth, and i found that a little went a long way. Less than a five cent piece covered my entire face and a bit of massaging started to shift my make-up away. I was a bit worried that because it's an oil, there would be a greasy film left on my face, but fortunately I can say that my skin felt incredibly moisturised with no sign of grease!
5/5 Olivia Australia

I use this cleanser at night.. do it,( you can thank me later) and find that it’s the for removing makeup etc. It’s so lovely and gentle to use, very calming on my skin and doesn’t leave it feeling dry or stripped of moisture at all, this is one product I know I will be using forever!

This cleanser does a great job at removing dirt and makeup and leaving my face nourished with no drying effects what so ever. I am used to using just plain Organic Jojoba oil as my makeup remover but this cleanser packs in a punch with other amazing oils like rosehip, tamanu and argan to specifically promote healthy and glowing skin and makes for an even deeper cleanse than I wouldn’t normally get from just using the Jojoba on it’s own. I know a lot of people are scared to cleanse their face with oils but once you do you will not want to go back! The results are phenomenal.
Beauty By Britannie

Amazing oil I am a huge fan of cleansing my face with oils. I know a lot of people do their own mixes based on castor oil but I am a bit lazy and prefer ready-made products. So Planet Eve Organics Cleanser is perfect for me. 
At first I was a bit hesitant as I had really bad experiences with Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil which broke me out really badly. But this one is not based on mineral oil and shouldn't do any harm to your skin. It's a mixture of rosehip, jojoba, tamanu and argan oils, all adding great benefits to your skin. It's not only nourishing but also anti-bacterial (tamanu oil) and rich in vitamin E. 
I use it every night to remove my makeup (not including eyes). A pump is enough to clean the entire face so it will last for a while. After massaging it all over my face I just use warm micro-fibre cloth to wash it out and it works a treat. Yep, I mean ordinary cloth you would use to clean your windows or table top :) After cleansing, my face feels very soft and supple. Make up is gone and I don't strip my face off the oils it needs. Also because I rinse it off with a warm cloth, it slightly opens my pores to allow deep cleansing. As a result I've noticed that all the products I use after cleansing my face are better absorbed and simply work better. 
All the ingredients are organic and natural which is another bonus of this product. My skin reacts really well to natural skincare and I feel better knowing that I don't put too many nasties on my face. 
 Overall I think it's a great product that changed my evening skincare routine.
5/5 Magda84 Australia

I'm addicted! It's gonna be a keeper. Such a beautiful product!
Dajana N, Australia

I’d never used a facial cleansing oil before this one by Planet Eve Organics, but now I am hooked on them. This one by Planet Eve Organics is truly scrumptious - it does a brilliant job of removing all makeup and build up from the day, but leaves skin feeling totally soft and nourished. And it’s this part that I am loving - my skin doesn’t feel stripped after cleansing, just clean, hydrated and balanced. As a result, my skin looks and feels much plumper, as the natural oils are left in tact and keep the skin hydrated and glowing. The Planet Eve oil is formulated with soybean, rosehip, argan oil and tamanu oils, and anti-inflammatory jasmine and patchouli, so there’s a host of hard-working, delicious ingredients in there. I will admit that it did feel a little odd at first to apply the oil straight to the face without any water, but now I love the little ritual at the end of the day where I take the time to really massage the oil around my face and let the yummy ingredients soak in, before soaking a muslin cloth with hot weather and wiping the oil off. This cleanser is especially perfect for my skin type (acne prone but dehydrated), as it is both anti-bacterial to fight break outs and full of nourishing oils to add moisture. Application tip: You will need cotton pads or a muslin cloth to remove the oil - water on its own won’t remove it. Clean creds: All Planet Eve Organics products are Australian Certified Organic (ACO), which is Australia’s largest certified for organic and biodynamic produce. To attain ACO status, a minimum of 95% of all ingredients must be organic sourced from a certified organic supplier with the remaining 5% all natural and allowed as defined by the Organic Standard. Verdict: Consider making the switch to a cleansing oil if you find your skin feeling stripped or stiff after cleansing, or if you just enjoy using gorgeous, luxurious products! This one by Planet Eve Organics is highly recommended, and is now my go-to cleanser every night.

My go to cleanser to remove make up I have used oil cleansers in the past but this one was quite different. The oil cleansers I used in the past weren't natural so when you mixed them with water they formed a bit of a milky emulsion - this one doesn't. It takes a little getting used to, but once you do you won't be disappointed. I will start with a little tutorial on how I use it. I tend to use it when i have been wearing water proof makeup that is a bit resistant to an ordinary cleanser. Before I apply the cleanser I prepare a face washer by soaking it in hot water. I apply a few pumps (3-4 - i like to use a very generous amount) to my hands then warm it between my fingers. I then massage it all over my face, including over my (shut) eyes and eyelids. I probably keep massaging for 30 secs to 1 min. I then grab the hot face washer and start wiping off the oil cleanser. I usually start with my eyes so that I can open them and see what i am doing. I then keep wiping my face with the hot face washer (rinsing it between each wipe in hot water) until my face no longer feels greasy. If it feels like I havent gotten all the oil cleanser I will follow up with my normal foaming cleanser but most of the time I dont bother because the oil cleanser is also moisturising so i dont want to strip the moisturiser away. The cleanser has next to no scent. Whilst I like my scented products I actually prefer that it is scentless as it means i can smear it all over my eyes. It is so gentle. It never ever hurts my eye and doesnt dry my skin out - just leaves it silky soft and beautifully cleansed. It does an amazing job of removing makeup - even the waterproof long lasting makeup. I find that it removes just about every last bit of makeup. It comes in a pump bottle which is very convenient. I tend to use 3-4 pumps as i find this makes removing the makeup easy but if you only have a small amount of makeup on you could easily use less.

Cleansing oils are quite a smart invention. That is of course if they are formulated right and that’s exactly why I love Planet Eve’s. Someone in the beauty industry used their initiative and managed to put it into a product ready for everyone to use, which I can say unfortunately doesn’t happen often, and if it does it often turns out like a disaster.

This cleansing oil in particular is perfect for drier skin types as it helps to hydrate the skin while cleansing gently and without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It is also perfect for oily and combination skin types as oil is attracted to oil so it helps to balance out oil levels/production without stripping the skin and actually causing it to become oilier, which many harsh cleansers do. Most cleansing oils can often cause pimples as oil can clog the pores. This cleanser however has ingredients that contain antibacterial properties so breakouts are kept away!

When using this cleanser I was worried that a lot of product would be required in order to cleanse my face, neck and décolletage. Luckily I only needed about 3-4 drops of product to cleanse that entire area which is great odds as most cleansers I need about 6 or 7 drops total. I personally dislike products that require a lot of product in order for them to be effective... When I was removing the cleanser I was quite surprised with how much oil, dirt and makeup it removed. I was only wearing some tinted moisturiser and a few other bits of makeup like blush, bronzer etc. Cleansing oils are often used to pre-cleanse. This means that they break up any makeup or grime that’s already on your skin in preparation for your next cleanser. However most cleansing oils only remove a small amount of product.

For me I did not find the need to go through with another cleanser or use it twice as it removed a lot of product, so instead I just decided to use a toner as I wasn’t wearing anything heavy. I was very impressed with the packaging, one it’s the perfect size and doesn’t take up to much room and second of all it’s convenient. I hate cleansers that are in inconvenient packaging where you can never get the right amount of product out. So I am a big fan of pump dispensers, they seem dispense the perfect amount of product each time.

This cleansing oil scent was also very pleasant and lightly lingers on your skin after it’s been washed off. For me a product is really only truly effective if it can work well and deliver great results with several different products from several different brands, so overall it took me about one to two weeks to test it with all my other moisturisers and serums (yes I have that many) and it seemed to work pretty good with all of them even some of the bad ones which normally don’t get used.

Overall I really like this cleanser and I’m pretty impressed. I love its versatility of being able to be used on several different skin types with different results. I also love the fact that it contains Vitamin C and rosehip oil as both of these ingredients are known to fade scars and pigmentation. So if you are in the process of trying to fade your acne scars with makeup tips guide and still suffer from small amounts of acne this is the perfect product for you as its antibacterial and fades pigmentation.

It’s also perfect for just about anyone as it’s not tested on animals, cruelty free, certified organic, on the campaign for safe cosmetics, free of artificial fragrances, preservatives and all those other harsh chemicals which can damage our skin. TIP: Cleansing oils can also be used as an overnight oil treatment to replenish skin! If you have severely dry skin lightly apply it as a serum and follow with a lightweight moisturiser, but for other skin types just apply some as if it were your regular moisturiser!

Perfect cleanser if your face is wind/sun burnt.
Alisha, Queensland Australia

I have a bit of a thing for oil cleansers…I guess I just like how thoroughly they cleanse yet are so gentle on the skin. Oil cleansers are fantastic for dissolving stubborn long wearing makeup making removal so much easier than with a standard cleanser. The Planet Eve Organics Certified Organic Facial Cleansing Oil is the first all natural cleansing oil that I have had the opportunity to review… I will start with a little tutorial on how I use it. I tend to use this cleanser when I have been wearing water proof makeup that is a bit resistant to an ordinary cleanser. Before applying the cleanser, I fill the basin with hot water and soak a face washer in the water. I apply a few pumps of the oil (3-4 - I like to use a very generous amount) to my hands then warm it between my fingers. I then massage it all over my face, including over my (shut) eyes and eyelids. I keep massaging for around 30 seconds to one minute. I then grab the hot face washer and start wiping off the oil cleanser. I usually start with my eyes so that I can open them and see what I am doing. I then keep wiping my face with the hot face washer (rinsing it between each wipe in hot water) until my face no longer feels greasy. If it feels like I haven't removed all of the oil cleanser, I will follow up with my normal foaming cleanser but most of the time I don't bother with this step as the oil cleanser is also moisturising and I don't want to strip the moisturiser away.

The cleanser has next to no scent. Whilst I like my scented products I actually prefer that it is scentless as it means I can use it all over my eyes without causing any sting or irritation. It really is so gentle. It never ever hurts my eye nor does it dry my skin out - just leaves it silky soft and beautifully cleansed. The cleanser does an amazing job of removing makeup - even the waterproof long lasting makeup. I find that it removes just about every last trace of makeup with no more effort than massaging for a minute. Harsh scrubbing is not required.

In addition to removing makeup, I also use this oil cleanser when my skin is suffering from breakouts or is overly greasy. I find that it helps to normalise my oil production and really aids in reducing the breakouts without stripping my skin. The reason the cleanser is so moisturising and doesn't strip the skin is that it is jam packed full of oils that are great for the skin. These include soybean, rosehip, vitamin E and Jojoba (which I have written about in more detail in the past). These oils would make a beautiful serum for the skin which means that they make an incredibly nourishing and moisturising cleanser (which is in real contrast to your typical cleanser which is stripping and does not contain any beneficial ingredients). I recommend this cleanser to anyone who is after a natural product that effectively removes makeup as the Planet Eve Organics Certified Organic Facial Cleansing Oil ticks both those boxes. I will definitely be purchasing this again.
Sarah –

What are you using to cleanse your skin? I’m going to make a bold statement here and if you feel the need to hiss and metaphorically throw stuff at me, I understand. If it’s a gel or anything foaming, I reckon you should bin it (or at least gift it to your teenage niece). ‘Mature’ skin (and by mature, I’m meaning anyone not in their teens) doesn’t much like foamy, skin stripping products. As we age, our skin becomes thinner and needs to be treated differently.

The majority of gel based cleansers are designed specifically for younger skin types. They pretty much go in and remove everything from the surface of your skin. Which is great for producing that really ‘clean’ feeling, but not so great for leaving beneficial oils behind. When we start to break out, we generally want to go in and scrub away the problem. Completely rid our skin of any dirt, oil or grime. Surely the less crap on our face, the better our pimples (and skin) will be? While that makes sense, it’s not the case. The more we strip and scrub, the angrier our skin becomes. It’s not a huge fan of having the beejesus cleansed out of it and will usually react by producing more oil to replace what’s been removed….

Our ‘mature’ skin LOVES a cleanser that doesn’t wash away all the good stuff. It wants to be nourished, not dehydrated into oblivion. Of course we can still clean off all the yucky stuff that accumulates over a day, but if we can do it in a way that actually adds good stuff back into our complexion, well we’re winning. It’s that exact reason that I’m suggesting your try an oil cleanser. …

Unlike a gel or even a cream cleanser, an oil cleanser will actually bond to the dirt, grime and yes, the oil, on your face and when removed in the right way, will lift it all off without any stripping. Think gentle sliding off of dirt and grime, not the forceful removal of the aforementioned. I’ve used oil cleansers on and off for a while now but have recently committed to a monogamous relationship with one when my skin started to play up.

I’ve been battling a series of long living pimple type ‘things’ on my chin and nothing was budging them. Since I’ve hit the (oil cleanser) bottle, I’ve noticed a real improvement. They haven’t cleared YET but they are definitely better, less red and my overall skin is far happier and less dry and patchy. The key to making an oil cleanser work for you is using it properly. This is not a product you whack on while under the shower, half asleep, while a toddler pee’s on your feet. Don’t let the fact that you need to add in a couple of steps scare you. I promise the whole shebang takes less than 5 minutes.

What you need to do is apply your product to dry skin. Pump out a squirt and massage that baby in while you’re waiting to hop into the bath/shower. You can let it sit on your skin for a little while if you life. I usually massage mine in, undress myself, undress my toddler, turn the shower on, adjust the temperature then hop in. Once your in, wet your hands and massage that water into your face. Most oils will turn slightly milky or at least become a bit more soluble. I usually focus my massaging on my chin as that’s where I have the issues. Once you’ve massaged, grab yourself a clean washer/muslin/face cloth. Run it under the water till it’s nice and warm. Wring it out and pop it on your face. I like to hold mine over my face for 20 seconds or so to really open up my pores, then I wipe every last bit off.

Your skin will feel quite moist and soft afterwards but that’s ok! It’s what you want. The hot water and washcloth will have removed any and all oil so don’t worry that you’ve somehow left a smidge behind….It’s ideal for all skin types; from oily to dry and pretty much all ages.This certified organic cream packs a punch when it comes to powerful antioxidants and naturally moisturizing ingredients.
G Magazine

Tropical Fruit Enzyme Facial Exfoliator

Lovely and Gentle Certified Organic Exfoliator - This is a fantastic, gentle exfoliator. It comes in a high quality, small 30ml glass pump bottle which is also a great size for taking travelling. It has a nice natural scent which I really like. After using this product my skin feels soft, smooth and rejuvenated. It is gentle and kind on the skin and not too harsh as I have found other exfoliators to be in the past. I really love that it is certified organic as I know that it doesn't have any nasties in it that may irritate my skin. I would highly recommend this product to others.
Chickybabe1 5/5

Natural and Nice Firstly the little pump bottle fits super comfy into your hand and for me 2 pumps ensured full coverage of my face and neck. I must say I have never used an exfoliant like this before, no scrubbing required...Simply smooth across the skin and leave for 5 mins before removing. The gel formation contains the tiniest if grains and smells Fruity and fresh... It actually smells good enough to eat. A slight not at all uncomfortable tingle is felt almost immediately which I can feel is moving traces of makeup and dead skin. 
It is very gentle and you don't feel that your skin has been stripped of any goodness.I have used this product every 2 days for a week now and the appearance of my skin has improved and it feels smooth and as a result my makeup goes on more silky.

i love the fact how easy to use it is and i can easily when i am preparing to go out for the evening or just before going to bed. 
it is not messy at all and i can run errands around the house for five minutes without worrying it dripping off my face. 
i really love that it is natural, contains no animal ingredients and is not tested on animals . it is a very ecofriendly product which is made in Australia. 
After using it I felt my skin baby smooth and also my moisturiser absorbed really well as well as my makeup looked more natural and lasted longer on my face. 
it is a great exfoliator espeially if you dont like to scrub your face with manual harsh face scrubs which sometimes can cause damage to your skin.
Moonlight Sak,

Nice, gentle exfoliator. Rather than a physical exfoliator with gritty bits you can feel, and that sometimes can be harsh on the skin, this features a virtual fruit salad of enzymes (papaya, pineapple and guava) that work to gently exfoliate on a chemical level. The glass pump-pack is both convenient and hygienic. A pump or two of the smooth lotion is enough for the face, and the exfoliator is left on the skin for 5 minutes to do its work. The instructions said to expect tingling, but I didn't experience any tingling sensation at all. My skin felt reasonably smoother afterwards, but not quite the baby-smoothness that some other exfoliators have achieved. I do think that my skincare products have absorbed into my skin better following application. I like the fact that it is a natural product, and an ethical brand.
Chicklet 5/5

Radiant skin planet eve facial exfoliator is a cetified organic toxic free product. it does not contain artificial dyes fragrances or preservatives either. it has a lovely cocktail of fruit enzymes, papaya pineapple and guava which help to gently exfoliate dead skin cells. It comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a pump dispenser. The bottle is quite cute and fits in well inside my toiletry bag easily for travel. 
It is a light brown gel formula which has a very slight hint of herbal smell. 
I applied two pumps on my hand and spread it all over my face . The formula absorbed well into my skin and my face felt a slight tingling which meant the enzymes were working to exfoliate my skin. this is an enzyme exfoliant therefore the gel formula did not contain any abrasive particles. the tingling effect did not last long and after five minutes i rinsed it off with warm water revealing radiant , brighter, smoother and softer skin. the product rinsed off easily with water. 
This can be used twice weekly or whenever your complexion looks dull and tired. 
 Deliciously Scented & Certified Organic For Smooth, Soft Skin This exfoliator has that lovely sweet smell that a lot of Australian Certified Organic products have. I really like the scent - it's a fresh scent of sweetness and nuttiness combined. The frosted glass quality container of this product is easy to hold in the palm of my hand. I'm not sure if it's meant to be ergonomic but it certainly feels that way. The pump top is made of a quality type of plastic and my finger sits comfortably on top, in a groove in the button, to easily press down the pump. The product formula is extremely gentle on my skin, yet when I wash it off after five minutes my skin looks super fresh, clean and soft so I can see the results straight away. Ingredients of papaya, pineapple and guava create a cocktail of tropical fruit enzymes which breakdown and dissolve my old skin cells. I love the way my skin is left so smooth after using this and it's so gentle I can use it three times a week easily. It says I should expect tingling but I don't feel any of that. It rinses off really easily with water and I've been using a sunscreen (as I usually do anyhow) while using this product. This is a beautiful product that I expect anyone would love to pieces!
Softness 5/5

So gentle - I love it! When I first opened the product, I was a bit surprised that the exfoliator came in a little glass pump, and wondered how the grainy bits of the exfoliator would get through the pump. To my surprise, this exfoliator is particle-free and works with guava, pinapple and guava enzymes to gentle exfoliate the skin. Firstly, the packaging is beautiful. I love the frosted, heavy glass with a hygienic pump - it's as about as luxurious as exfoliators come! It actually reminds me of serum packaging, as most of my exfoliators come in large bulky tubes. The exfoliant comes in a gel form. I used a pea sized amount after cleansing, and I immediately felt a mild tingling sensation. This actually meant that the exfoliant was working to remove dirt, debris and dead skin build-up on the skin. It didn't irritate my sensitive skin. I left it on for 5 minutes (no hard work required!). After rinsing this product off, my skin immediately felt smoother and more even in texture, and my skin was glowing and radiant. My skin didnt get that 'raw' effect that I often feel after using manual exfoliators. I noticed that my moisturiser absorbed better and my make-up did apply more smoothly thanks to the Planet Eve Exfoliant. Twice a week I used this product, and that was sufficient to maintain a fresh complexion.I loved the fact that the product was 100% natural and cruelty-free, as I have found that it is difficult to find natural skin care products that work as effectively as the chemical-laden variety. I highly recommend the Planet Eve Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator, especially if you don't like manual scrubs. It's easy to use, priced at a mid-market level and great for all skin types.
Chickybabe1 5/5

Super 5 Eye Firming Gel

Fantastic, gentle, effective You only need a small amount, click a 'half' pump on the roller. It definitely goes further than you think, value for money.
Stella253 5/5

Soothing, Flexible but Gently Firming Planet Eve Super 5 Eye Firming Gel comes in a 10ml round hard tube container. 
A button press one end and a silver massage ball the other. 
Twist button to open, press button to release clear gel onto the silver massage ball and gently roll around eyes. 
The gel is cool, soothing and hydrating and helps stimulate skin around tired eyes. 
It is a gentle gel with natural active ingredients, beneficial for the area around eyes. 
As the clear gel dries, it has a gentle firming action on skin, it does feel good. 
The gel does not set to a hard finish, it is flexible and gently firming. 
The super 5 ingredients acai, ginkgo, biloba, acacia, aloe and rose help make up the formula of the firming, anti-ageing, hydrating, soothing and revitalising gel. 
An excellent eye gel that revitalises tired skin around eyes and is Australian Certified Organic and not tested on animals. Made in Australia.

Organic Eye Gel Heaven This eye gel is certified organic which is great as straight away you know that it is natural and has no harmful ingredients. It comes in a cute slim tube which has a metal rollerball at the end, you twist the end to open, then press once on the end and it dispenses a small amount of the eye gel on to the metal rollerball. It dispenses the perfect amount for both eyes with just the one pump. The metal bit is cold on the skin which is refreshing & soothing and the eye gel is also cooling on the skin. It is the perfect pick me up for the eye area.
Chickybabe1 5/5

Helps With Puffy Tired Eyes Planet Eve Organics Super 5 Eye Firming Gel comes boxed. The gel is in a round pen like 10ml applicator with lid, and has a silver ball massager for gel one end and a press button to release the gel the other. 
To use, pull off lid, twist button to unlock, press button to release the gel and gently roll the silver ball with clear gel around eyes. 
The silver ball feels so nice on my skin as I massage the clear gel around my eyes. 
It leaves my skin cool, calm and feeling fresh. I use an application of gel for each eye area, massaging skin for a good minute or so, including crows feet and upper eye area. 
The gel dries in a thin transparent film on skin which tightens skin around eyes, reducing puffiness, giving my skin a refreshing lift. I like the gel very much, it's gentle. 
The super 5 ingredients are acai, ginkgo biloba, acacia, aloe and rose and the formula is for firming, anti-ageing, hydrating, soothing and revitalising. 
The gel has an expiry date as well as 6m use by after opening.
neilrawson 5/5

Love this gel eye cream so much...i got this as i needed some eye gel that is cooling and will help to hydrate my faint eye lines that start to form under my eyes. The packaging is in a fat pen-like. You have to pump it a few times the first time to try to get the product out of it. The tip is a ball roller so easy application and straight to the targeted areas without using my finger. Sometimes though the product gets out a bit too much, and that is when i apply the extra product around the metal ball using my finger, tapping it slowly. Most of the time, the product that comes out is just nice and i can just roll it on the problematic areas. it is very cooling in the form of yellow-ish gel, and very moisturising and hydrating to my skin, which is what i need. My lines seem fainter and less obvious. It does leave slightly sticky feeling, but it does work to the point that the eye lines are gentler looking and helps with my dark eye circles too, refreshing my eyes instantly. It definitely gives me that i-have-had-enough-sleep look, and wakes me up instantly. It helps with my puffiness and i can feel the instant firming feeling under my eyes. totally in love with this eye gel, together with another eye cream that i use. i use this under the makeup,and make sure the extra residue is absorbed into my skin before applying makeup on. This is because when not absorbed properly, the gel will become dry crust that look like dry skin.So make sure you let this be absorbed into the skin.

It’s hard to get decent sleep with nuisances like carpal tunnel syndrome, morning (and all night!) sickness and a big belly getting gin the way. But you can get rid of the tired-looking, puffy eyes – enter Planet Eve’s Super 5 Eye Firming Gel. Like all their products, the gel is completely natural and safe to use during pregnancy. Yay! It’s also full of awesome ingredients like Acacia and Ginkgo Biloba to firm and stimulate, along with Aloe Vera and Bulgarian Rose to calm, hydrate and refresh.
Cosmopolitan Pregnancy Magazine

Most of the beauty products I review here are highly relevant, or essential to travellers, and if there's one area of the face which often comes under attack when you are on the move, it's the eye area. I know from personal experience; a long haul flight can leave your eyes looking dark or puffy underneath, and moving through different climates can also take its toll on the skin. For my epic trip to San Francisco recently, one of the products I took with me to test is Planet Eve's Super 5 Eye Firming Gel. Containing five "superhero" ingredients designed to work in synergy to benefit the eye area, it is also a product free of any potentially harmful synthetic chemicals, dyes, fragrances, preservatives and pesticides, and has been dubbed one of the "must-haves" for summer. So how did it shape up?
Unlike most eye products, the gel comes in a roller ball dispenser rather than a tube, making it super easy and quick to apply - even if you happen to be on the move. The roller ball smooths on the gel simply where you want it, and is very cooling, which is an added bonus if you are flying, or you are in a hot, dry environment. Not to mention if it's the morning after a big holiday night out! One of the key actions of the gel is said to be a "de-puffing" of the eye area, and largely down to the Super 5 ingredients; the antioxidant Acai, Acacia and the anti-inflammatory Ginkgo Biloba, and healing Aloe Vera and Rose. As soon as you apply the gel, your skin feels both hydrated and cool, the product melts into the skin quickly and your eye area is left looking refreshed and tighter, yet also soft. Planet Eve is the first organic brand to win a coveted beauty "Glosscar" in 2012. It took the "Best New Eye Treatment" award as voted by reviewers at, a prize normally dominated by big name international cosmetic brands. Use this product and you'll not only see why it won, but also improve the appearance of your eye area. As they say, a must-have for summer.

Late nights and early starts can leave you with tired, puffy eyes, which is why we love the Super 5 Eye Firming Gel from Planet Eve Organics. Featuring powerful botanical ingredients – Acai Berry, Acacia, Ginkgo Biloba, Aloe Vera and Bulgarian Rose, the gel offers and instant lift around eyes while hydrating and soothing skin. What’s also great is that the twist-lock pen conveniently fits into your handbag, making it the perfect pick-me-up for women on the go.

I found this to be appealing in the way that it is Australian Certified Organic and that it's not tested on animals. It's a clear, slippery formula which comes out of the tube via a cooling rollerball. I find it slightly tacky/sticky for a few minutes as it dries around my eyes and tightens the whole area. I rub/roll it around my whole eye area - eyelids, undereye and to the side of my eyes. It's a cooling sensation at first before the tightening feeling. Within a few minutes as the gel dries I can actually visually see an improvement in the way my eye areas look - firmer and fresher but I have to be honest to say I'm still not used to this tightening sensation. After it's finished drying I can then put my make-up on. I can't say I'd use this all the time/every single day but I do like having it around for when I feel like I really need to seriously pep my peepers up for a special treat! It has a scent that I'm finding very familiar with certified organic beauty products - it's a distinct scent which is pleasant and a bit sweet. I love that this has no nasties and only pure and nutritious ingredients. Being organic it works differently to other eye products I have so with that in mind I am happy to continue to use it and enjoy it's natural goodness, pure beneficial ingredients and unique way of approaching beauty for around the eye area. With this open mind I'm interested in trying more Planet Eve products!
Softness Australia

The Super 5 Eye Firming Gel was definitely my fave, with some excellent packaging bonuses. The gel comes like a pen, where you simply click the end to produce the gel and then gently roll the cooling ball around eyes. This allows the opportunity to massage the delicate eye area while revitalsing and firming the skin. The Super 5 are incredible ingredients: Acai berry, gingko biloba, acacia, aloe and rose. This combination is both anti-ageing and ideal after a big night out (more to my benefit). This product has already taken prime position in my handbag.
wellness WA

6am starts and late night shows meant not much beauty sleep, resulting in not so bright peepers. We combated this with Planet Eve Super 5 Eye Firming Gel. An amazing new product by one of our favourite beauty brands; it features acai berry which has the highest rating of antioxidants to fight the free radical damage that causes ageing.


Rose Hydration Mist

Hello, just wanting to write in and let you know that I have been fortunate enough to try some of your wonderful products as I recently won a competition through Beauty and Lace. I received a bottle of your gorgeous "rose hydration mist" and absolutely love it, along with the fact that your products have so many fabulous features such as being Cruelty free, Organic, GMO free and free from animal products I am certainly looking forward to using some more of your products in the future! My pack also came with a sample of your "facial cleansing oil" and "facial exfoliator" and oh my they were an absolute delight to use, even just the scents alone made using them a thoroughly enjoyable experience!
Tracey E, Australia

Welcome to the Planet…we all know organic beauty is taking the beauty world by storm with its chemical free formulas and better than ever results. One brand that certainly lives up to that is Planet Eve Organics. Our favourite from the range Definitely the Certified Organic Rose Hydration Mist with antioxidant. Perfect for spritzing on dried out skin during that summer holiday or after too many cocktails in the sun. Pop it into your gym bag and you’ll feel refreshed all day long.
Shop Til You Drop

The rose hydration mist has easily become one of my must have items. It is revitalising, refreshing and calming. All I need is just a quick spritz and my skin instantly feels refreshed. Thank you Planet Eve for such a wonderful product.
Karen, Matraville NSW

Free from toxins and designed to hydrate, Planet Eve Organics Rose Hydration Mist is perfect for air travel. Combined with Aloe Vera, Acai and Bulgarian Rose, it instantly calms and revitalizes parched skin making it particularly good for those of us confronted with over zealous air conditioning.
AsiaSpa Magazine

Energised with certified organic Bulgarian Rose, Aloe Vera and super Amazonian anti-oxidant Acai, this mist will calm, soothe and protect the skin while helping to regenerate cell growth. Planet Eve is free from chemicals and is accredited by Choose Cruelty Free and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals making it a great choice for the clean earth crusader.

As a traveller who spends a lot of time in the air, particularly on long-haul flights, in both economy and business class, a spray mist or liquid hydrator is one of the essential things I always carry as an essential travel accessory, and add some much-needed hydration to parched skin. Also, for some years now, I've also used one as a step in my day-to-day skin care regime, spritzing ahead of applying a serum or moisturiser, as it helps to spread either more easily across your face, and penetrate the top layer of the skin more deeply.A few weeks ago I wrote about an eye gel from this newish brand, and this week it's the turn of another essential from its lovely range, Rose Hydration Mist. This sweet smelling clear mist instantly perks up tired skin, replenishing moisture and revitalising it. The formula contains Bulgarian Rose, soothing Aloe Vera and the powerful antioxidant from Brazil, Acai berry. Not only does this product make you skin look and feel better, it also has a lovely aroma which lifts your senses. The mist comes in a nice glass bottle, and is just on the right size to take on board a flight, although it is a little heavy. As you are likely to use it on the ground as well as in the air, however, it's a small price to pay for a lovely product which both nourishes and nurtures your complexion.
Ultimate Travel Magazine

Luxe Hand Creme

I have been using the hand cream and the rose mist from Planet Eve’s range. I get mild eczema so found this certified organics range of products great to use and didn’t irritate my skin.
S, Double Bay

I love the Planet Eve Organics hand creme, its luxurious whilst also being soothing for my skin, and the packaging is perfect size for my handbag. The pure naturalness of the range is a real winner for me as it gives me confidence that nothing toxic will seep into my system, especially as I’ve just had a baby and was wary of what I put onto my body and face whilst pregnant.
Linda, London

Just writing to say thanks for being a company that does care about the ingredients that go on and that are absorbed into our bodies. Personally I suffer from dry skin so need to moisturise regularly. The luxe hand creme has kept my hands smooth and soft, and smelling gorgeous without being overly perfumed – and thankfully is free of nasties like parabens. I just need a fingertip dollop each time and it’s now my handbag mainstay. Well done on bringing Planet eve moisturisers out and I will be happily recommending it to my friends and family.
Jennifer, London

Just wanted to say thank you very much for creating a range of certified organic products that actually works! I am loving the hand and body cream at the moment. I have pretty much tried every hand cream under the sun but yours is most definitely my favourite and is now a staple in my handbag. It is rich but light in texture and non-greasy. It absorbs quickly and you only need a small amount for it to work its magic. The body cream has a similar kind of texture, it leaves your skin feeling smooth and supple and has a beautiful scent to it as well. Also, I wanted to say that my mum is also a recent convert to your products. I bought the face moisturiser for her to try as she had run out of her existing cream. She was suitably impressed and after a few weeks, has decided to switch over permanently! I hope you will be bringing out more products in the future.
Pamela, Sydney

Luxe Body Creme

I love a little bit of affordable luxury in my life and try to include something luxurious in my daily routine. The little luxury I've been using lately is my Planet Eve Organics Luxe Body Creme. It comes in a great pump bottle that's so easy to use. I'm of the opinion that all body lotions should come in pump bottles, they are so much more convenient than the ones that come in tubes or pots. When I first started using this we were still having warm, summer weather and it worked really well. It soaks in quickly and left my skin feeling hydrated and soft. Now that the winter weather has arrived my skin has been really parched with dry patches all over it. Not a good look. I was wondering if my Luxe Body Creme would be hydrating enough to deal with the state of my winter ravaged skin and to my delight it is. Planet Eve describe this as a deeply hydrating body creme enriched with rose, shea butter, jojoba and macadamia. This really is a deeply hydrating creme. As you would expect from the description, it is a medium creme texture that has a soft rose scent. When I use this my skin feels soft and moisturised all day. Planet Eve products are Australian, all natural and certified organic. They contain no mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, silicones, sulphates, synthetic dyes or fragrances or GMO ingredients. Planet Eve products are not tested on animals. Would I buy this: Yes, it's lovely.
Beautifully Glossy

I used your body cream on my wedding day and while I was pregnant. It's associated with many happy memories for me! I love it
Linda, London

Absorbs immediately, smells heavenly, feels like a luxury lotion and quite frankly ticks all the boxes. We love this perfectly edited micro-range of Australian organic products and the body cream is a stand out.Amazing velvet consistency that deeply nourishes the skin with not a hint of residue or oiliness. The fragrance is subtle and soothing. An A+ for a daily body treatment.

I use Planet Eve Organics all the time, having been recommended them by a colleague. I’m a great believer in using products which are good for me and good for the earth and Planet Eve Organics fits both those bills commendably. The body crème in particular is beautiful – so smooth and hydrating that I can’t get enough of it!
Nicola, Peterhsam NSW

EDITORS PICK. A rich, deeply hydrating body crème enriched with Bulgarian Rose and luscious Shea Butter, Jojoba and Macadamia. Macadamia helps rebalance dryness and prevents moisture loss, while jojoba delivers regenerative and emollient properties. Smooth over your entire body after showering to truly moisturise your skin, leaving it soft and supple.Luxurious nourishment at its best.