Facial Balancing Toner 100ml

Pore Minimising Skin Toner.  Daily Face Care Essential.

This beautiful refreshing facial toner calms, soothes and maintain skin's natural PH balance while helping in the fight against ageing.

Active ingredients combine to hydrate and refresh without stripping your skin of essential oils, so you'll feel positively glowing and primed for moisturising. Exquisite blend of antioxidant rich Pomegranate plus Camomile, Calendula and Rose to calm, refresh and soothe the most delicate skin. Specially formulated for use after cleansing enabling effective moisturising.

If you remember the 80's, astringents gave toners a bad name.  Instead of using synthetic alcohol (or isopropyl alcohol) which can dry and dehydrate skin, Planet Eve's Facial Balancing Toner uses a natural, certified organic botanical extract - Witch Hazel - which has been derived without using chemical solvents.

Promotes healthy, glowing, blemish free skin.

Suitable all skin types including sensitive skin.

Packaged in a PE recyclable bottle.

Great skin starts with clean skin.  RRP includes GST.

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